Indesign DTP and typesetting

Non-Western scripts

All Translations also provides professional assistance with your DTP work. We specialise in processing non-Western scripts, including those using Asian, Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew script. Afterwards, you simply supply your printers with the complete translated document.

Indesign files

If you have an Adobe Indesign file that needs translating and you need text processing as well, we can offer you a special discount. This option can even save up to 60% of the cost!

Ask via email a quotation to find out about your options and how much you could save.

DTP and typesetting

We can provide text conversions in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign in 50 languages. If you’d like to know what this could mean for your books, business cards, brochures, flyers, manuals, packaging materials, etc., then simply call us on +31 (0)50-535 2753.

You can also purchase these services from us separately from translation work. Ask us for a quotation, entirely without obligation, by sending an email to