Malay translations and typesetting


At All Translations we have professional native-speaking translators who translate from and into Malay. Our translators have a command of the language as well as cultural understanding of the target group, because they themselves live in that culture. Not only do our translators live in the target-group country, they also all meet our strict criteria. So, whether your document is technical, commercial or anything else, we can provide you with an excellent and reasonably priced Malay translation!

Just check our rates for your translation or call us on +31 (0)50-535 2753 for further information.

DTP and ‘the Typesetter’ typesetting studio

You can also rely on our own DTP studio ‘the Typesetter’ for the conversion into Malay of your books, folders, manuals, brochures, leaflets, labelling and business cards in Adobe Indesign and Illustrator. We will replace your original text with the Malay version. Once the draft PDF has been approved, you’ll then receive the final document and your Malay file will be ready for the printer! If you already have the Malay text to hand, you could simply have us take care of the typesetting for you.

Just ask us today to give you an entirely no-obligation quotation for your DTP and lay-out work via mail at or call us on +31 (0)50-535 2753.

Adobe Indesign files

If you have an Indesign file that needs translating, we offer you the delivery in Indesign format for free! Send your email to for further information, or else call us on +31 (0)50-535 2753 to hear about your options and how much you can save.